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Lipstick Peaches, Corals & Coppers

Lipstick Peaches, Corals & Coppers


88 Fetching S
ls84 Peony S
ls87 Bambi S
ls260 Lip Love HG
ls333 Mutzie HG
ls405 Femme C
ls413 Juicy P
ls419 Gliss P
ls423 Lexa P
ls426 Laser HG
ls427 Doobie Doo P
ls438 Sunkiss HG
ls439 Unstoppable HG
ls445 Glitter HG
ls449 Hippe HGng
ls452 Strapless P
ls468 Brazened P
ls471 Modesty P
ls474 Rudi P
ls476 Orange Crush P. png
ls477 Dizzy P
ls487 Alfresko P
ls493 Unstoppable HG
ls501 Hourglass P
ls504 Power Play P
ls507 Grown up C
ls508 Pretty Smart C
ls513 Tulip C
ls517 Toot Sweet P
ls528 Posie HG
ls531 Lola HG
ls533 Tangerine HG
ls544 Just Peachy HG
ls571 Ohh-la-la C
ls573 Punked up P
ls606 Flippy C
ls607 Sushi

  • packed with the antioxidant Vitamin E 
  • over 250 shades to choose from
  • all available as refills 
  • contains natural vanillin extract

Cream (smooth and creamy)
Pearlized or Frosted
Super soft matte texture
HG High gloss super shiny and glossy, ultra light weight
V-Super soft matte texture
S-Extreme Shine

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